Remove login screen from your app

Hi! Is there a way to remove the login screen from your app?

I want users to be able to access my app without needing to share their email or login. Thanks!

Yes. Go to your app settings (right-most icon at the top middle)
Screenshot 2022-04-23 5.21.55 PM

…and go to the privacy settings and select “None” from the login options.
Screenshot 2022-04-23 5.22.20 PM

Hi @DarrenHumphries - It doesn’t allow me to click ‘None’ in the settings - it’s greyed out and when I click it, it doesn’t change. Is it possible I need to upgrade my plan?

Oh, I haven’t seen that problem before. Maybe it’s because you have row owners turned on or something?

Anyone else know?

Need some more information.
Is this an App or a Page?
Is this an old plan or one of the new Team Plans?
If it’s an old plan, is it a Private plan?


I have the same problem with a new Pages project on a new Starter Team plan
Sign in none is greyed out and it also tells me I need to upgrade to let people outside of my team sign in… which is odd since I already upgraded and public users can actually sign up/in (though I dont want them to)


Hello, I don’t have this option.
Do how I can get the same options as you?

If you don’t see those options, that means your App is subject to the old per-App pricing.

What you need to do is create a new team, select the appropriate subscription level, and move your App into that team.

The below might help: