Remove Google Sheet in Glide Editor

I need to remove a Google Spreadsheet that I won’t be using. I deleted the sheet from the My Drive recycle bin, but Glide is still viewing the sheet.

Did You try to duplicate the app?

empty your trash

For this app I can even do that, but for the other app with PRO subscription I can’t duplicate.

I have definitely deleted the sheet from the Recycle Bin, but when I go to load it in the Glide Editor, the Glide shows a message, but the Glide should no longer see the sheet.

can you write to that sheet from glide? Google is archiving deleted files for a long time… so it won’t be fast for your sheet to completely vanish

No, I can’t write to that Google Sheet anymore, but Glide doesn’t delete it either so I can add a new Google Sheet.

If you are just going to replace it with a different Google sheet, then try replacing it in the settings instead of trying to delete it.


Thanks! I hadn’t seen that option. I will be able to replace the worksheet in the other project.

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