Column with more than one email

Any suggestions for this case?
I need a column that contains more than one user email and this column is Owner, that is, it is protected, but read by more than one user who is logged in with email added in this column. I didn’t want to use Google Sheet for this case. :grimacing:

If you don’t want to create an array column using a google sheet, then you can still create multiple separate email columns and assign each one as a row owner column.

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I thought I would have to. I saw about the Functions, but I didn’t understand very well if I need to have the Line Owner active or if I can just use the Functions.

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I did not know that! How cool!



Google Sheets would allow you to have more flexibility on the amount of columns you can have (as long as you can use an arrayformula to populate the column names dynamically).

For Glide Tables, I imagine you would have to construct a flow that sets the email to the right columns, and you have to create as many columns as you can in advance.

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I have a small problem that I described in another ticket, could you join us in making a suggestion? Grateful!