Remove Admin

My Admin is no longer working with me and is not responsive. Is it possible to remove that account and change the Admin user to someone else? If not, what is the best workaround solution so that someone else can make Admin level changes?

When you say “Admin”, do you mean an Admin inside the app, or an Admin on the Glide team level?

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This is from the “members” tab

Only the Admin can remove someone else, as far as I aware.

ok, that makes sense but I still need to make this change to my account. What do you suggest I do to escalate the issue to someone that can make the change?

@SantiagoPerez Can you help with this? Thank you.

Hey @ThinhDinh

Thanks for bringing this up!

@PLCParamedics could you submit a ticket with as much information that helps us check that you are the rightful owner of that team? That’ll help us verify the team and check whether we can do this for you.

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Here’s the way to submit a ticket:

thank you. Open Support Ticket is not an available option for me, for some reason.

Can you tell us what billing plan are you on for that team?


That’s weird. Do you need the support link and/or team ID to look more into this @SantiagoPerez ?

Just to confirm, you are on the new Pro Teams plan?

I dont think its the new pro teams plan. How can I confirm?

What do you see in your “Billing” > Plan section?