Can't Delete Teams

I’m trying to delete a few teams I’ve created, but now want to do away with. I can’t delete these teams because unlike the other teams, it does not contain a Billing section. Therefore, there is no red DELETE TEAM link.

Is this a bug as well? Screenshot below…


You can delete teams on the billing page. You can access the billing page if you are an Admin on the team. Here, you are not signed in as an admin so the Billing page does not show.

Ok, that makes sense. But, can I remove myself from the Team I was added to? I tried doing that, and it seems as though you can, but nothing happens. There are 3 horizontal dots on the right that when clicked on give you the option to Remove from team. But when I click on it, nothing happens. Do we have the ability to remove ourselves from the team if we are not an Admin?

Yes, you should always be able to leave a team! We will have to take a look if you cannot.

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Ok thanks. Yeah, it’s not letting me.

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