Relation column based on object ID instead of name

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I have a question about the “Relation” column. I am trying to relate my objects based on an ID instead of name. Generally relation on name is extremely bad practice because you might have duplicates (for example for people’s names), and then you create weird situations.

I tried using the “Row ID” column because I thought that might work, but it seems I can’t use a “relation” column based on that.

Does anyone have any suggestions to create relationships between objects in different tables based on an ID? Also, how would I go about creating that ID?

Thank you in all advance for your help!

Yes, for sure :+1:

Yes you can. In fact, that’s what is generally recommended.
Can you show us what you have tried and is not working as you would expect?

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@Darren_Murphy Thank you for your fast reply! It seems I made a small mistake and you can indeed match on Row ID.

However, what I forgot to mention, is that you can’t use a “Relation” column as you would use a normal text column. For example, when trying to display the name of the company I matched based on ID for a person, I can’t use the Relation column in the display of the Title field:

As you can see the option just isn’t there even though in the database it is present:

What am I missing here? I would like to display this relation column in various fields, such as the title field. Is there a workaround of some sort?

The relation just establishes a link between the two tables. If you need values from the target table for display purposes, then you need to add one or more Lookup columns that fetch the appropriate values via the relation. In this case, you should ensure that your relation is a single relation (“Match multiple” is not checked).


@Darren_Murphy You are a life saver! I have been struggling with this for 2 hours! Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:

I have marked your latest answer as the solution so people that run into similar issues in the future can easily find the answer

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