Does Relation Column don't give a match column as a output?

I’ve 2 tables Named “Users” and “Inspection”. In the Inspection table I created a column that contains the row ID’s of the Users table and against each ID there’s a match column calculating the average of various numbers.
So, I wanted to show that math column created in Inspection table into the Users table against Users table row ID if the avg is calculated for that row ID.
For this I made a relation column in the Users table matching the values of the row ID from the Users table to the column in Inspection Table containing the users table row ID’s. But as a result the relation column in producing just the row ID and not the Math column values created in Inspection Table.

Why is this happening and what can I do to import the Math column values in the Users table?

The relation doesn’t actually contain any values, it just establishes a link.

What you need to do is add a Lookup column, target it at the relation, and select the Math column.


Ok Ok understood. Thanks a lot.

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