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Trying to figure this one out.
I have a data table which shows all our caught fish (fishing club)

In that data table I made a relation field to lookup the person who caught the fish, and the name of the fish (Yes I know, name of the fish, we carp fishermen are bit of a strange breed :slight_smile: )
So now I want to display that data .
But in the Field I have available I can only show the ID field ?
I’ve added some screenshots where you can see the ID in the title, also added is the screenschot of the DataTable where I indicated the number (ID_Vis ) and next to it the Rel_Vis which I would like to display .
How can I set that one up ?

Many thanks

Make sure your relation is a single relation and doesn’t have the Multiple checkbox checked if you are only expecting a single matching record.

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It should be single relation

In the Table VANGSTEN, it looks up the ID in the Table VISSEN, (row284 linked to yellow line)
So I would like to make that lookup visible in the app

Is your Lookup column using that relation? Show me how the lookup column is configured. If the lookup column is coming back as an array instead of a single value, then either your lookup is looking at the wrong relation or it’s looking at an entire table, or it’s bringing back an array type column from the related row.

Ok, that reply made a lot clear to me.

In fact I thought it was OK as I had the Rel_VIs colomn were I saw the name that I wanted to use, But I was missing a lookup which I now added VISNAAM (shown in Yellow) which indeed I can now use.

Many thansk

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