Relation fields do not show

For some reason I do not see in an in line list field drop down the relational fields - not the relation nor the looked up field…what am I missing? Please help.

If you’re trying to use a relation in an Inline List, then it needs to be a multi-relation.

So check that.

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Darren, Thanks for the help. But none of these “relational” fields show in the drop down

You can’t apply an array, which could potentially hold multiple values, to something that can only hold a single value. Your relation is a multiple relation, so the lookup column is an array instead of a single value. If you need it as a single value, then switch your relation to a single relation. Then the lookup columns will show up in your drop-down.

Seems to be true for image data only…

But in all the other fields it does not help, fields are still not showing

The image component is an exception because it can handle both single values and an array of multiple values.

Again, like I stated in my previous post, you need to change your relation to a single relation.

Like I said both are single and yet it does not show

and here

Sometimes a relation and lookup will get “stuck” if you change from multiple to single. I don’t know why. Re-create both the relation and lookup columns as single and it should work.

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