Reference profile data object in form

If i have a button display a form from an items profile page in a @glideapps project, how do i keep reference to the profile page when submitting the form?

I have a collection

I click an item, it takes me to the “profile”

On the profile, there’s a button who’s action is show the form popup

On that form, I lose reference to the profile page

There should be a bunch of components that represent all available columns for the respective profile row as long as the form is created on top of that profile detail screen. If that’s not working for you, then you will need to provide some screenshots to explain your problem.

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What is the action on the button?
Is it Show Form Screen or Show Edit Screen?

It should be Show Edit Screen -> This item.
Unless your intention is to add a new row, which I assume is not the case.



I realized that when the button displays the form

i have to manually reference the values from the profile screen

and what was weird was having to map those immediately to a column in the table this form submits to.

I also had to create a template column for the because concatenating text on screen is lacking

so now they can see the form, verify the item they want, and send the email to the maker who can then email them back.

basically i want users to be able to send an email to the seller. its a very very very basic app for an 11 year old. no admin panel. no seller side marketplace.

basically she needs to be able to add items to airtable and communicate via google email.

this was as simple as i could get it but it works!

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