Reference Images App

I recently finished building this reference images app. I work as a cinematographer and I’m constantly having to reference images to communicate various looks to different people I’m working with. There are some other websites out there that have huge databases and allow you to search very selectively, but haven’t found much on the cheap/free side that will let you upload and categorize your own images.

My app allows multiple users to upload images, for any user to correct tags, for you to browse images that each user has uploaded, and do to some advanced filtering of images if you’re looking for something specific. Very much so meant to be a public database for anyone to contribute to.

I really couldn’t have done this unless I had found the zillow tutorial from @seth . It was a huge help in making this!


This is awesome!! I’m glad that the Zillow tutorial was helpful!

One small bug I may have found - I tried to complete my profile to try filtering, but the app didn’t register myself as finishing my profile (although I do see my picture in the “users” tab)

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If you are already using the user profiles feature of glide, then you really should only allow a user to finish their existing profile that glide created in your users sheet. A form button is only going to create duplicated records and cause problems.

On a side note, I know you have mentioned trying to do multiple matching filters in the past. I just finished up another example for another post which may interest you.

Thats right! I had attempted to go about this another way and was using the forms at first. I’ll go in and change that.

Will take a look at that new example, thanks for sharing.

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Think I have it all settled now, thanks for taking a look!

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Looking good!

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