Notification and lookup

Hi I am Agung from Indonesia
I just joined the glide about two months ago …
as a new user I still have a lot to learn …
there are two things I want to ask, and hope you can help me in answering this question …

  1. Is there a way, when someone fills in the form button then from the glide they can send a notification to the Admin …?
  2. Can the form button do a lookup, I will give an example …
    -When in the form button I select the item SKU name, the next column will display an image of the item.
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You can use Zapier to trigger an email for any new rows.

If you mean a lookup inside the data after you submit then it will work.

I would have thought that maybe you could add an inline list to the form of the sheet that contains the SKU/Images. The filter it based on the the Screen Value from the typed in SKU. But, when I tried it, the filter didn’t seem to work how I expected. It didn’t filter based on what I typed. Either it’s a bug or it’s unsupported. We’ve done that with filtering choice components though, so I’m surprised it didn’t work.

Sorry, I don’t mean after submitting the data, but in the form itself.

@agung_Taufik salam hangat :slight_smile:

@Jeff_Hager yeah I could not get that to work either. is it because the value is not written to the screen if the form hasn’t been submitted? i guess not if it works with choice filters

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As Jeff said it won’t work in the form.

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