Help with a sheet!

Hi Guys,

I am currently building a app where people can submit a form to get some shopping delivered. This form will need to be able to upload a image and pick a time slot… Is this possible? Having huge trouble trying to complete this.

Also, once someone has submitted a form is there a way to get a notification that a form has been submitted? Or do I have to keep checking the sheet?



I can set up an email notification for you.

This is also possible, do you mean the time slot to have it delivered?

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Hey Harry,

Yes of course, it’s possible. In the destination sheet of the form, you have to have a date column and an image column (aka a text column that will contain the url of the uploaded image).

And in the design of your form, use the image picker to upload the image, and the date time picker for the pickup date. And that’s it, your users will be able to provide these data.

Regarding the order notification, it’s also possible yes. Either using Zapier (new row in your Google sheet -> send an notification email or SMS, lot of services are available for this purpose). You can also get notifications using Google apps script and the Onchange trigger (each time a new row is added into your order sheet, send an email)

You’ll find some examples in this forum or even on the internet.

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For reference about the email notifications, I did this concept a while ago. Whenever a new row is added, an email is sent to the customer. I can alter this to fit your case.

Thanks i would love some help with a email notification, once someone submits a form i need to be notified :slight_smile:

If they select a time slot will it be unavailable for other users? I don’t want to double book

Thanks Christophe, I will look into these :slight_smile:

Yes hopefully I can integrate that for you as well. Private message me to tell me about your app, I will take a look.