🌈 Reach Out! Talk about anything anonymously with our mental health experts

Recently in India we witnessed a suicide from a very well known celebrity and it sparked a lot of people coming up with awareness about mental health issues and depression.

One of my very dear friends who happens to be a certified counselor/therapist wanted to create a platform where people who wanted to talk about their problems could come forward and reach out for help without revealing their identity.
She approached me with this challenge and I knew exactly how to achieve it with Glide. It’s an initiative in it’s beta version right now and will need a lot more work to actually make it a working product because of the sensitive topic but it’s a start.

Looking forward for your feedback!

App link: https://reachout.glideapp.io/

You could also register yourself as a listener/expert and when an anonymous user tries to reach out to you, you automatically get whatsapp notifications to notify you about the same.


Wow, I love the idea and the execution! The design is excellent and onboarding is easy. I love everything about this.

A few questions/ideas:

  1. As users can upload images and send messages to others, it might be worth thinking of a report/ban options
  2. After messaging an expert, you may want to hide the “reach out to expert” button or change the wording on it to “start a new chat”
  3. Adding links to mental health resources would fit it perfectly

Nice app and cause.

Anonymity issue?

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Hi @Ofer_Chama thanks for the feedback!

  1. The conversations on this app are always between an anonymous user and a listener/expert registered with the app who has to go through a screening process and hence we make sure they do not do anything that would need them to be reported/banned. Also, these registered listeners would not really want to report/ban an anonymous user who’s trying to reach out to them for support. I will still run this through with me team and get their opinions on the same.
  2. This is great feedback, I will change that.
  3. Oh yes this could be a place with plenty of resources. I have plans of adding services and creating a community for discussions/blogs too.
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I am unable to figure out this. Did you type Nathanael BOY anywhere while using the app? The header in the comments section should be your username which is koala in this case. I don’t understand where your name came from. Seems like a bug. Can you try to reproduce this?

“Nathanael BOY”, which is my name – Boy is actually my family name, I know I know, haha :wink: – can only have been pulled from my Google account. It is my name in the settings of my Google account.


That’s a unique family name, it must be quite confusing for the friends of your female family members, hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:
Some of the comments are pulling the username from the user profile while others are pulling the name of the Google account. That is kind of weird, I will test this a little more before reporting this bug.

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He he

@Manan_Mehta that is sol thoughtful of you

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When I was younger we were going through customs at the airport with my parents and siblings. The customs officer asked “These are your children? 3 Boys?” My mom answered "2 boys and a girl :wink: "

True story.


May have to disable the use of Google sign in.

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This is great. I was going to build something similar for our institution for student/teacher anonymous reporting. I’ll need to take a look.

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Beautiful. Wonderfully executed.
I love the images and the gif on the sign in screen!

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I tried testing out multiple things. It’s still not very clear what exactly is used as the user name in the comments.
What I noticed is that some of the users aren’t getting associated with their user profiles in the sheet while others are. I think I will have to report this bug in a separate post.

That sounds like a great use case for something like this. I am shooting for the moon here but I would be open to help if you need any! :wink:

I’m replying this post with my feet while I clap here


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Great app again brother, beautiful design & flow, great cause behind it as well! :heart:


Manan, with chatapps I would avoid user profile altogether. I know why we all fall for it. But it comes with its own traps. Stick to user specific.

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