Random Reload Bug

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Describe the bug:
Randomly reloads app during user navigation, and kicks user back to home. Video is on iPhone 11 Pro Max, on a newer session. This also happens on returning from Glide external link. External link opens in new tab (correctly), but on closing that new tab within ~10sec, force refresh kicks them back to home. This “return from tab” happens on weaker CPU devices.

Expected Behaviour:
Self explanatory. Don’t refresh or kick user back to home during usage that shouldn’t refresh. Can we have a “refresh lockout” interval for custom applications like these? Say we can block live refreshing, and limit it to 5min 10min or custom intervals only?

How to replicate:
It’s random. Difficult to pin down, but video shown. New tab bug happens on weaker CPU phones after scrolling the link a little bit (10sec).
Link to more on that related bug here: Random Reload Bug - Kicks user Home


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