Random Reload Bug - Kicks user Home

Clicking external link and returning to app forces app-wide reload, losing user’s position in app.

No pattern discovered:
:white_check_mark: Sometimes position and page is maintained upon user’s return.
:x: Other times full app reloads, and forces user to start at home.

App should ALWAYS remain on user’s last nav position.

Test app linked below to replicate. Video of bug in action attached.

Anything?? This is worse than a crash.

It’d be like eating a meal, and someone steals your fork in between every bite to run it through the dishwasher. Wait until it’s washed to take the next bite. Sooner or later, user throws food across the room…

I tested it from an iPhone iOS 15.1 but could not reproduce it.

Do you know if this happens with specific phones? If so, what brand, model and OS version are these phones?

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Definite randomness. I got it on Samsung A10E, Android 11. On Chrome 96.0.4664.45, Firefox, and downloaded web app.

Two ‘mild’ patterns:

  • Seems to happen more often when opening “unvisited” link. Returning from previously visited links seem less likely to trigger Glide App reload upon return. (Cache?)
  • Seems more prominent if letting external link fully load vs quick “click & close” action. (Timed refresh, GlideSide?)

Only happens on mobile browser or app. Never replicated on desktop device (even in mobile view on desktop).

I investigated browser tag discarding, no luck. Will keep stress testing and digging.