Quote Calculator - too complex?

Hello there!
I’m trying to build a quote calculator for a friend with a junk removal business but I believe it may be out of glide’s capabilities from what I’ve found in my searches. I’m hoping you can tell me I’m wrong and let me know the right direction to go.

The vision was to have an app with the types of things he’d remove in a list (with pictures of each waste type), then fields beside where he could enter in the QTY. He would then be able to go down the list entering in the quantity of each and it would produce a total at the bottom.

Without understanding glides limitations or capabilities in this regard, I already created a spreadsheet with the item, it’s disposal cost (at the transfer station), his markup, and then dropoff rate (a cost for the time) with and empty cell for QTY and another for the end price of that waste type (using the “math” column type).

The hope would be it would use this equation for each type:

Then if he was disposing of multiple types at once, he could put in the quantity of each and it would total each “Pricing”.

Unfortunately the only guides I’ve found either make the user enter in all the values, or none at all only selecting items with values already applied and adding those together.

Might I be missing something?

This should be trivially easy to do in Glide.
You’ll probably just want a details screen attached to a single row table. Fill that table with User Specific columns - one for each input, and then add a math column to do the calculation.
On the screen, you just need a series of input fields.


Thanks for taking the time Darren,
Unfortunately I’m just learning Glide so not quite catching on.

You are saying I should have all the products and numbers in a single row, with the fields for each QTY in the row as User Specific columns and a single math column for the calculation, correct?

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You have to make a custom form, not a native one, so you can do live calculations, then when it is ready, a button to add a row with the quota. It is like a shopping cart :wink:

Can you give me a screen shot of what you currently see in the Glide Data Editor?
If I can see how your data is currently laid out, I might be able to give you some more specific guidance.

This was the original I built before submitting this inquiry

You need to add the Quantity column as User specific. Then all calculations will be only for that specific user

Thanks Uzo, I appreciate the help. I did this, however I’m familiar enough with the screen build out functions and tools to then take this sheet with that “User Specific” columns, and turn it into a functioning calculator.

Just looking up examples of “shopping cart” builds to figure out your other piece of advice :slight_smile:

Go to the payments tab, add items, then click cart… you will see all items listed in the cart, with quantities and total. It is a fake store, just for demonstration purposes… you can play with it.

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Okay, so if I understand correctly, the only thing that is variable is quantity, yes?
Everything else is a fixed cost per item.

Question - would you want the result of each quote saved, or is just calculate once and then throw away?

That is correct, Darren. The QTY is the only variable at this point. Also at this point, it would a be a throw away. In the future we will look at saving/sending to his clients.

Interesting, I could see that working as a roundabout way of letting him calculate projects for clients, Uzo. Very cool.

It could be extra useful for when he adds more services as well besides the junk removal.

In your case, you can have a cart and items list, on the same screen.

That makes a lot of sense! Is there a walkthrough somewhere that you know of, on building something similar with that functionality?

Yes, there are many discussions here about creating a shopping cart. All you need is to generate a cart ID in a user sheet when they click on the item, then copy that ID to everything they click. Once they pay or delete, delete that ID.

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And I’d assume it could be published as a phone app to be used as a tool then. I wouldn’t see why not, but just confirm before I dive down the rabbit hole to find some walkthroughs and build this out as an experiment.

Yes, Glide works well as a phone App or desktop.

Can it work either way, Darren? It could be that I also create “accepted”/“rejected” buttons and have them logged - this would probably be a good idea.

Success! And a little quirk I think either of you will be able to help with.

First - I figured it out! I added a “QTY” column in the two collections/sheets (Junk Material and Junk Items) and a “Total” column. The qty can be changed in the app through each material and item card. Then created another collection (called “quote”) and had one column each dedicated to pulling the sum from the total columns of each, then it’s added together in a total column in the quote collection.

My friend will be able to go through, click on each item and brought to a screen where they can either change the quantity or edit the numbers of that particular item (the different costs that help make it’s total the quantity multiplies with). The grande total shows up at the bottom of the main screen.

The quirk is, out of the two collections (Junk Materials and Junk Items), the “Junk Items” had a “+” automatically created allowing new items to be added, but the “Junk Materials” did not. The “worst case” fix is to create a new collection for Junk Material and I’m guess the “+” will be there, and then I would rebuild all of the extra pages… I’m hoping there’s an easy fix for adding the function though?

Do you have any actions set on the Junk materials collection? I’m guessing you do for the junk Items collection, but not the Junk Materials collection. You should just need to add an action.