Is it possible to create an Online Calculator on Glide?

Good afternoon everyone, could you tell me if it is possible to create an Online Calculator on Glide or another platform No-Code? We need to create a site where the customer enters the name of the product and its size and get a price.
But the catch is that in the Excel (database) table will be the price per 1 meter of width. But the client may need more or less. For example 0,5 meters. It is necessary that in the Glide the calculation takes place: The price per 1 meter (database) multiplied by the required length and the final price is shown to the customer.

Could you tell me whether it is possible to do in the Glide? If so, I would be grateful for advice or a link to training content on the subject.
How to implement it.


i use this principle. It’s working. Try exploring.

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I would really love if @Jeff_Hager renames that app to March Madness.

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Only if it can accurately calculate bracket results, which is pretty much impossible this year.

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