How to add quantity to products on ecommerce

How do I add “quantity feature” to products on an e-commerce based application?

suggestions needed @Jeff_Hager


Not sure it’s what you mean, I take it as you want to have kind of an “inventory” that can be updated. If that’s the case, you can read this thread.

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This might be useful. Add a user specific column to the products sheet where the user can select a quantity, attach it to a template column, and include it as part of the description for the buy button.

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I am still lost. Sounds daunting for no code. Thanks

What problems are you facing in implementing this?

I know there are issues with using glide columns (ie. the Math column, user specific columns) to use a calculated price for the buy button. I think all of this would need to be done in the sheet with formulas. So basically the user would need to make their selections…possibly with a form button…and write the data to the sheet where formulas are done to calculate the cost with the quantity. Then you would have to display the results and then the user can view the item and then click on the buy button. Maybe I’m completely wrong. I don’t use the buy button either, but just from what I’ve read in the past, I’ve seen that some things do not work as expected. You may be able to get to the checkout with a calculated quantity x price total and everything looks fine, then when completing checkout, you get a message that item is no longer available. I’m sure Glide is working to enhance this, but I don’t know where they are at with this. Maybe others that have done eCommerce stuff with their apps can chime in.

Thanks for your timely assistance. I am building a community app for listing stuff for sale. What I want to do is to let users be able to add the quantity of items they have and on the other end, let buyers be able to check whetever quantities they want so it multiplies the price on checkout but also reduce their inventory. I have been able to do this (see photo) so far but the quantities arent happening at listing page so I am having trouble making it happen in the sheet end.! Thanks again

quantity|620x500 . P.s you will notice i am having trouble getting the $ to display on the listing front end but thats a whole different problem.

Some additional resources. An additional note that you can’t perform formatting (ie. $ or decimal on an entry component). You can do it on the result when viewing the value in a text component.

Ok, where do I define the “replacement fields to tell the Math Column what i t and n refer to.”? Thanks

When you type the formula in a math column, does it automaticallly suggest what columns to replace? I worked on a math column just yesterday and that was its behavior.

Let’s say you type Quantity * SellingPrice into the formula, it will automatically suggest the Quantity text to be replaced by Quantity column.

Can you try it and tell me if it works?

I am I on the right path adding the defined colums in the user first like this? I am assuming i am doing the calculation wrong as i am unable to do the tax calculation part

What is it showing with that Tax column? As it have linked to the right replacements I assume it would calculate things the right way?

Nothing. I am assuming the it has to be something like item x quantity /tax (which is 8% sales tax in my province)

Check my personal message. I will take some time to look at it for you.

Perfect thanks