Add quantity to the Buy Button

Hi there, does anyone know how to add a quantity feature to the buy button?
Say for example a user is doing groceries through my app and wants to buy 10 tomatoes, I can’t figure out how to put a quantity feature to choose 10 tomatoes at once instead of having to click 10 times in the “add to shopping cart” button.

Hope you can help me,



Hola Joaquín,

+1 for this request.
Make sure to add it here:

Since Glide does not enable to add quantity in the “buy button”, I consider using a ‘healthy’ workaround: for my app which sells tableclothing at 10 cts /unit, with a minimum of 500 units, below the buy button, I’ll write:

“Exercising is good for health: clic 500 times!”

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We really need to add this!


Yep! With a “Link to shopping cart” option directy below the “buy button” + modification of quantities in the “shopping cart” + direct access to each given item when user clicks on it.

(and, between two lines of code, don’t hesitate to add a “Have it delivered by drone” function :slight_smile: )