Quote Calculator - too complex?

None. I just started playing around with that trying to get all the values in the quantity columns to reset (I’d way rather have it all happen from one button, but it seems like I need one for each item). I did not add any actions to them before, when the “+” was missing.

edit I just checked and this is what is in the actions:

For the Junk Items:

And for the Junk Material:

I was looking in the “Collection Item actions”, I did not see the “Title Bar Action”!

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The strangest thing though. Even though I added a “Show form screen” action for the “Junk Material” collection (which is a Glide sheet), it actually creates a form linked to a google sheet that isn’t linked to anything else on any screen?

I even tested it and it and the data entered went to the google sheet I had originally connected to the project but am not longer using.

solved. I found out how to delete the google sheet connection through settings, then had to recreate the action. Not sure why it connected that way in the first place - very strange.

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When you are inside the form, you can always choose any table you want to write to. You are not committed to the teacher that’s selected by default.

Glad you found the solution!

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