Quota count when editing in detail view

Hi there :wave:,

I’m creating an app like Doodle, in which I can create date options inside a new survey.
Since I couldn’t submit a form (new option) from a form (new poll), I actually

  • created a new row in poll
  • opened the detail view for this row
  • used text fields in the details view and a form for the options

Does anyone know how the quota is counted in this case though ?
Since there is no more submission, I’m not sur what would count as an update.

If you want to try the app (and hopefully this won’t use all my quota), here it is :

Thanks for your help!

Thanks, I’m familiar with this list, but there is indeed some important information here :

  • When a user changes data via a component on a details screen - for example, changing a toggle - that’s one update.

I’m not sure when this is counted for text fields, but I’ll make the assumption it’s when I leave the text field. I’ll have a look if I can use an edit screen instead of a detail screen and still create new options from there.

An edit screen will be better for your updates count, since it only commits the update when you “submit” it, not like a “details view” entry when it can commit an update every few seconds.

Indeed, but I couldn’t find a way to create something else from an edit screen.
The form to create “Options” opens, but nothing is created when I submit it :

It’s seems to work when I create a form container though.
Looks strange to me, maybe a bug ?

I can’t add a row to a form container
Also, if I delete a reference from a form, it closes my form.

So the first video with the “Add” button doesn’t actually submit any rows to your data? If so, it would be considered a bug.

That’s right.
I wondered if that was a limitation, but the behavior is strange indeed and very confusing.

Please submit a ticket here.


Done, thanks

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