Usage of Updates Quota need advice PT2

Hi All, with the Advice from Jeff_Hager on my previous post, I have moved all my Airtables to Glide Tables. The Sync/Usage has improved but now I see another problem and wandering whether it is a bug or not as I received no response from Glide App Support.

Put simply, I pasted 126 records into Glide Tables to test my app, but, my quota usage jumped from (1,164 of 2,500 updates for this month to 1,421 of 2,500 updates for this month) ! It just doesn’t make sense to me, as, I am still developing the app and just created a table really to add some mock up data. Can something be done about this ? Anybody from Glide App I can write to, to review the problem ?

Thanks for any advice.

We’re working to make it so that changes to your data while editing your app do not count.

Hi David, thanks for your feedback, well understood ! Hope the problems/issues will be addressed soon.

I would like to take this opportunity to let you & your team know how impressed we are with Glideapps, very user-friendly and well thought of.



Yeah, and I am one of the new members as well and not yet published the App in the new plan. As same as you, I am still building and experimenting the App.
Hopefully the Updates will not be counted on the unpublished app. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to know the usage of each app? for instance which app uses the most updates quota or sync

I believe this is quite needed to manage things since a lot of people are running into trouble with updates count.

im sorry, i wanna ask

add = add new row data
edits & sync , what is counted as that ?

like edit/add component to the app ?
sync gsheet ? or google analytic also ?

  • Adds occur when you add a new row of data.
  • Edits occur when you edit data in an existing row.
  • Deletes occur when you delete a row of data.
  • Syncs occur if data has to synchronize between Glide and a third party database, such as Airtable, Google, or Excel.

None of these counts should be affected by adding changing components. Google Analytics should have no effect on your update counts. In most cases, updates will not be counted while you are making changes inside the Glide builder.


Link :
Updates (

just found out a FAQ thats says like this

“When a user changes data via a component on a details screen - for example changing a toggle”
What does it exactly means ?
not the “Edit component” that counts but the row data,that we change inside the edit component count right ?

oh, and one more things about edit a row of data

if i edit a row, by editing 10 column data at once, it still count as 1 update right ?

Key word here is data. When you you toggle the switch component, it’s changing a boolean values in you data between true and false. That’s a data change, because a value in your table changes whenever you do that, which means it would be counted as an update.

This depends on a few things. If you are in an Add or Edit form, then only one update is counted when your click on submit regardless of how many values your are updating. Add or Edit forms do not send data to glide until you click on submit.

If you are on a Detail Screen, then any changes you makes are happening in real time, so yes it’s possible that an update could occur for each value that’s changed, but it’s also possible that if you change multiple values quickly enough, it may be counted as one update.

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