Glideapps Updates

Hello Glide users ^^
I have a question about the updates / changes.
I have created an app that myself and about 20 people use every day.
With the app you can calculate the following things:
Pipe dimensions by medium and pipe type.
Axial distances according to pipe and insulation type.
Air velocity by ventilation duct cross-section, etc.

The settings for calculating one of the applications mentioned above are made in a detail tab.

To my question:

p to 8 groups can be calculated at 2 settings each. =16 Updates?

7 settings =7 updates per calculation?

6 settings =6 updates per calculation?

If the same number of updates is used for each calculation, the updates will be used up very quickly.

Is there a way to perform the calculation differently without being charged for so many updates?

I have a lot of fun with Glide and I hope there is another way to keep the updates low. Otherwise I’d rather make an Excel =(

This is true. Basically any change to your data, in this case, happens in the details view, will be registered directly to the database, and thus incur updates.

The only possible way to reduce this, I think, is to use a form instead, and have calculated columns to calculate the outcome. You will only have to use 1 update (form submission) that way, but it will also take 1 row from your row quota.

Thank you for the quick reply.
Redesigning the app so that everything is calculated via a form is very time-consuming and entering the values for the calculation is not very user-friendly.
Maybe creating an Excel is a better alternative.

Due to the limited updates, the use of Glide decreases dramatically.

Ten times more could be enough, but updating to the amount of updates costs too much.

But thanks for your answer.

I would suggest you should create your App based on Glide Data Editor. Any change in Data Editor does not amount in an update.


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The app has been built with glidetables.
Except for “Kevin”, which is a link to ChatGPT which, as far as I know, is only possible via Google sheets at the moment.

Have you tried seeing how mamy updates are incurred if you switch all your inputs to USC and not require your 20 users to sign in? Could register 1 or no updates

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All entries of values necessary for a calculation are written into a USC.
However, I have not yet tried this without registration.
Thank you for the hint.

I believe what this screenshot means is:

  • Any changes in tool (Data Editor, Layout Editor) made during the building process do not affect the updates quota.
  • Actions that do not affect data in the tables such as navigation actions do not affect the updates quota.
  • Multiple changes on add and edit screens count as a single update when the form is submitted.

Working with data in a Glide Table, as opposed to other sources of data such as Google Sheets or Airtable, will have an incidence on the sync quota, not the updates quota.


Sure. But that isn’t an app as the one being used.

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@Braska_Tube well glide really needs to implement session variables as ux is compromised by the update restrictions.

I do hope they see this


If you use a page and opt in for the new integrations beta, you can have ways to integrate with OpenAI in actions.