Usage of Updates Quota need advice

Hi All, I made a very simple APP to allow 16ppl to input their scores after their game (4 in total) from their mobile.

I used AirTable: ie. Name, Score1, Score2, Score3, Score4.

I presume it would be 16*4 counts = 64 updates, but, I noticed when I checked the usage it read: 5 Adds, 57 Edits and 486 Syncs.

Since I subscribed to the plan with only 2,500 updates per month limit, I am puzzled if I am doing anything wrong ?

Appreciate if someone can shed some light on the issue I am having. Thanks!

PS: I also noticed if I add data myself to Airtable it counts as a SYNC. Which will contribute to the update count as well, which, I think it is not fair.

You aren’t doing anything wrong. Looks like your adds and edits are pretty close to what you expected, which is updating data between the app and glide servers. The rest of the updates (syncs) are between Glide and Airtable.

Airtable currently works differently than other data sources. Airtable currently does not send updated data to glide, so glide has to check for updates (perform a sync) every few minutes while the app is in use. That is why your syncs are much higher than expected. I believe they hope to have new API’s worked out with airtable later this year.

Using Google sheets or Excel would help reduce syncs for now, but Glide Tables would eliminate all syncs as data would reside on glide servers only.

Also keep in mind that Glide is still fine tuning the updates counter, so they don’t currently have any hard enforcement of those limits.


Dear Jeff_Hager,

Thank you so much for your time and explanation. If that is the case, I will change my sources to Google Sheets for the moment till Glide offers a new API for Airtable.

Very much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Is there a reason you are not using exclusively Glide Tables?

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Hi ThinhDinh,

I guess it is a matter of convenience, as, Google Sheets or Airtable allows me to format my data and I can directly say print to PDF and share the data (my case results) to my users.

If I use Glide Tables, I will need to Export the data first, then, format it before sharing the data.

I am still experimenting with Glideapp, but I guess if Google Sheets are still raking up a lot of syncs etc. then I will fall back on using Glide Tables to have a control on the quota I guess. Cheers

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To better encourage the move from Google Sheets and other data sources to Glide Tables, I hope Glide would come up with the following native functions:

  1. auto backup of data in Glide Tables to Google Drive based on user-defined condition (periodic or once rows limit is hit) and data range to be backed up

  2. auto bulk deletion of data in Glide Tables based on user-defined condition and data range

  3. design and create PDF report out of data in Glide Tables (if this is not a too massive project for Glide)

Using webhook and PDFmonkey to implement the above is for sure too overwhelming for citizen developers. Be generous, make them available from Starter Plan onwards :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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