Best way to limit "Updates" when creating Glide Page from Airtable

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Hello Guys,

I am in process of creating Glide Page based on Airtable and will be on Pro plan. However, Pro plan says, there is limit of “Updates” which is 10k per month. I understand that this talks about every time a Airtable syncs with glide.

For us, Airtable is where all database will be managed by Project managers. Whereas we want client facing App for clients to submit certain request forms, modify certain details, view relevant status, submit few files etc. regarding their relevant projects.

What I think is, since Project Managers will work on Airtable on daily basis, there are more chances of sync being happened frequently.

What do you think is best way to make sure we stay within this limit? My client is not ready to go with only Glide option. He wants it with Airtable.

It would be helpful to know best practice while creating Glide Page to limit these Update limits.

Thank you in advance

Well I don’t have a good solution here. If data changes on the Airtable side, then it will be synced to Glide and it will cost you updates.

Best practice is, maybe, limiting updates on the Glide side of things, let’s say don’t use a choice component writing to a user-specific column.

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Thank you for the information. That is helpful.

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You can buy more updates.


Yes that’s correct.