Optimize User Onboarding Screen to Minimize Number of Updates

I’m trying to set up my initial onboarding/user profile creation screen so that it performs as few “updates” (that count against our monthly quota) as possible.

I initially thought I would solve this by putting everything inside of a form, but I forgot that it would add a new row, which then creates a duplicate row for each user.

Am I correct in assuming that on a details screen, for each component that alters data, i.e. Text Entry or Choice, it will count as an update? So in my example screenshot, each user would be performing 7 updates? (First Name, Last Name, Profile Photo, Phone Type, Participant Type, Installed, Tapping Complete)

Is there a more efficient way to create an onboarding screen?

If you use an Edit Form, it will only count as a single update when the form is submitted.


Okay, so on the Button (i.e. Create Your Profile), the Action should be “Show Edit Screen” and Data set as “User - User profile row”?


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