Trying to reduce usage

I’m wondering if anyone could offer some advice on how I can reduce my usage, specifically the number of updates that are capped at 10,000 on the pro plan.

For context, I have an app for my clients to log gym sessions i.e. weight and reps.

I previously had it set so that each time a user updated weight or reps it would count as an update (up to 50 updates per workout). I’ve since changed it so each exercise is a “form” and hoping now that each exercise counts as an update (8-10 updates per workout).

Unfortunately, this is still quite high when each client could be doing 20 workouts per month.

I’d like to condense a whole workout so it counts as 1 update. Ideally, I’d have an “accordion” style structure so each exercise is able to open and close then there is a submit workout at the bottom of the screen when all sets and reps have been recorded.

Previously when it was 1000 edits per app it was workable but 10,000 in total is difficult.

Does anyone have any tips/advice?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to build accordion style layout for a form that doesn’t involve updates.

You can use some HTML to build an accordion style text, but you wouldn’t be able to have any entry components within that accordion.

You can buy 1000 updates for $10. Might have to adjust your pricing to account for how many updates the average user is consuming.

Essentially its $0.01 per update so if the average user is consuming 10 updates per day for 20 days, thats 200 updates or $2 per user per month.

I did this but ultimately ran into a row issue as rows cant scale like updates can.


If I could find a way to put the whole workout on a single form, do you know if that would count as 1 update or would it still count as multiple updates as it’s modifying several rows?

I can’t seem to find where I can see individual app usage so I can test it. I can see row usage but not update usage.

Yes, I have it set up to automatically bill when I exceed the limit but as it stands with the number of updates, it wouldn’t be worth the cost (as it’s also syncing to a Google Sheet which counts as a sync/update).

Yes, 1 form submission = 1 update.

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Several rows?
A form adds a single row, so if you have a form that’s adding/modifying multiple rows then I assume you’re doing that with some sort of onSubmit action?
If that’s the case, it will most likely count as multiple updates.