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I have 5 apps in the starter plan, none of them are used, only one is an app for time control that was created in the glide pages for the entry and exit of employees, there are 20 employees, however, we completed the number of updates in just 12 days, they only upload time entry and exit time someone who can help me blocked all apps.

Hello @DillanMartinez. Happy Monday! Just to clarify, do you need help understanding how the starter package works?

Hello, thanks for the prompt response, I would not like to know how to reduce the number of updates in an app or if you know how I can make my applications work since all of them were blocked due to exceeding the number of updates.

No problem, @DillanMartinez! If you feel like none of the team plans meets your Updates needs, you can reach out to our Sales team to discuss purchasing prepaid updates. This would allow you to purchase more updates for your team at a discount. You can get in contact by clicking this link.

@iamtomgray what a pity you have a doubt the time control app is with google sheets, if I make the app with glide tables it would also count as if this app is generating an update every time I use a button that obtains the entry time of an employee?

Ya lo solucione gracias @iamtomgray

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If you need more than 2,500 updates on the Starter plan you will need to upgrade to the Pro Plan. You can do this by navigating to the Billing section of your dashboard. You should have received two warning emails letting you know you are approaching the limits of your current plan. If you have questions feel free to DM me.

Bueno saber. Por favor, avíseme si hay algo más en lo que podamos ayudarlo.

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