Updates for this month on Pro

My application has been working (taking into account its complete update) for more than 2 years.
Today, I switched to the Pro Plan in Teams. I haven’t had time to do anything yet, but my access with the wording “This app has reached its…” is already blocked.
Today, on the first day of use, I have 14,000 (from where?) updates out of 10,000! Does this mean that now instead of $40 (which was expensive anyway) I have to pay such crazy money?? 150$-250$??
In Ukraine, this amount is the average salary in the country!
It destroyed all my work… I was so proud of my project and now I have to close it?..

My question is, can I put everything back the way it was this morning? Work in My Apps and 40$ per month?

I think I’d need more context here to understand what’s going on. What I read here doesn’t make sense to me, as you wouldn’t be getting 14k updates for free regardless of account (since end of last year), and it’s not like switching to pro is making your app use more updates.

Perhaps include a screen shot of your usage, along with how many users you have and what kind of updates are used for each user?

When Glide switched to charging for updates back in the fall… it definitely caused some turmoil for me. That september I had ~200 users charging me 40k updates for the month, on a free app. I had to re-write my app being very conscious of updates, and eliminating a lot of features. Unfortunately for me, glide is positioning much more as a business tool rather than a platform for consumer apps. I still think it works great for creating prototypes very quickly and testing new concepts with small user bases, but can’t exactly scale it to thousands of users.

My application is quite large with a lot of filters, checks, etc. I made it so that it completely solved my business problem. I admit it has a lot of row updates, but yesterday it cost $40 and today I don’t even know how much…

I think i’m mostly confused by how this is just now being noticed when the switch to charging for updates happened last year.

The 14k updates was also over the entire month. You’re saying 4k of those were just from yesterday? Your apps usage is that variable? 4k for a day is quite a lot when the entire month before yesterday took only 10k.

Maybe I’m missing something as I’m not too familiar with accounts other than my own.

I think overall… you’re just facing the same realization that I did in the fall… that you have to be incredibly mindful of how your app is built, to have it do what you need it to do, WITHOUT using any more updates than absolutely necessary. It takes a bunch more creativity than “just” building the app.

Maybe there’s something here for a quick fix. You do have a ton of edits for only 12 users. Do you have some scripts running that are updating? Google sheet with a now timestamp column that’s constantly updating, will end up charging you an update every 3 minutes around the clock.

It sounds like he switched from a legacy plan that had unlimited updates.

I would guess the majority of your updates are coming from the use of user specific columns inside custom forms, as filters, etc…

Here’s a recent short thread on the topic of saving updates

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I thought they forced everyone out of the legacy plans last year… I guess that was just me! lol I did go through a crisis realizing how much my updates would cost… and sent me running to learn Flutter development :stuck_out_tongue:


No, as long you leave your existing legacy apps alone, you are still grandfathered into the legacy plan. Once you switch away from it to the new team plans, there is no going back. Legacy apps have some benefits, but do not provide multi-app plans, do not have support, and do not include new integrations.

Pros and Cons have to be weighed when switching to new team pricing, but as far as I’m aware, nobody was forced to switch. Although, I’m sure it will happen eventually.


I was definitely forced to… I may need to dig back to find the old emails if you’re curious. I was on a plan that was $30/m I believe, had a few apps, maybe just one white labeled. I asked if I could stay on current plan and was told no. Perhaps there was a difference in how different accounts were treated based on how many updates they were using. After a meeting with them, glide did give me a 3m grace period before charging for the updates… but there was no option to remain on my legacy plan.

Absolutely right. 90% of all updates are updates related to the work of filters and self-made decision “select / deselect all”

Users of my application cannot do without these features, because each time they create a new task, they have to manually select about 300 objects. This is completely impossible to do manually one by one.
“Deselect / select all” consumes a lot of update resources, but without it it is impossible.

What are some ideas? Just delete the application, explore another environment No-Code, or close the business (because it will be hard to work without the application)?

Have you seen the new Multi Filter option that was just released as a preview yesterday?

This one should be able to replace the need for custom filters in most cases.


Thanks for the response and the tip.

Of course, I didn’t see anything yesterday because I was pissed that my app now doesn’t work (and this app supports my entire small business) and that I now have to pay $250 instead of $40.

I will certainly look into the new option, but while I completely redo my app, how do I keep what I have working? I have work to do right now.

I can’t help you directly with that. The only thing I can suggest is to reach out to Glide Support. It does seem odd that you would have exhausted your update quota after only one day, so possibly something went wrong with the way your updates were counted when your App was transferred. But only Glide Support can determine if that was the case.

I will say even more. After the transition, I did not have time to work for a single second, because the limit instantly blocked access to the application. That is, 14.000 updates somehow appeared in the process of switching to a new plan

What is the average waiting time for a response from the support team?
Days have passed and still no response.

Did you raise a ticket? It’s the best way to get a hold of support.

For sure, it sounds like all the user-specific columns are the culprit. Try to see if you can change some of the need for this. Make sure to use form screen and edit screen as often as possible as it’s only one update when you submit.

Our old pricing model was not sustainable and did not reflex high-usage applications, which is why we switch to the new plans. As mentioned, you get the advantage of not having to pay for multiple apps.

We don’t have a mechanism in place right now to localize our rates but I know it’s something we would like to do.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Perhaps support will have an option for you or can help you identify potential changes.


Your updates should have reset if you just upgraded, we’ll take a look at that. Are you sure the payment went through?

You don’t need to upgrade to Business if you go over the 10k updates included with your plan—just enable pay-as-you-go for overages on your Billing screen.

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Thanks for your reply.
I am absolutely sure that the money was debited from my card on May 28, 2023 at 23:00 (data from the banking application).
I’m also surprised that the number of updates is not zero after switching to a new plan.

Hi David. Do you (your team) have an answer for me?

Sorry for the delay, we are somewhat backlogged due to the holiday weekend in the US. We are working on the issue.


@VadymBohdan the issue has been resolved.

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