Questions about templates

When copying a template, Glide says: “Templates cannot be transferred between owners.
Glide offers no warranty or support for templates.”

I start with one of the free Glide templates, then build on that, add specific stuff a client wants. Can I transfer the changed template to a different team, but not the ownership?

And I don’t assume it’s possible to start with a template and after that change the datasource to a Live365 instance, right?

Can you help with this @Nuthinking?

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We are current looking into these 3 potential solutions:

  • Easily migrate apps based on free templates
  • Easily migrate apps based on paid template (if destination team/owner has also a license)
  • Preserve UI settings when switching table (so that tables can be “migrated” one by one)

About the Live365 integration, I understand that its benefit is that data could be forced to be hosted in China. Our current integration with Microsoft supports only Excel files hosted in Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint. Not sure if those 2 services have the same feature. They seem blocked from what I could Google.


Transfer between teams of apps made from a free template seems to work, so you might have to stay the owner and have access to both teams.


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