Migrating app template to teams not permissable

Is there a way to migrate a myapp template to teams? This was an old pro upgrade, now downgraded and cannot migrate due to initial paid template. Since I downgraded prior to the migration to ensure Im not double charged I can no longer upgrade and keep within pro features MyApps. Super frustrating.

Before having rebuild it is there another solution?

Thanks @Jeff_Hager Any idea how this would be any different to a standard migration

This sounds like the exact same scenario, and as the other thread points out, you will need to contact Glide Support to facilitate migrating your app to a team folder.

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Sorry, reread your question…

It’s different because the intention is to prevent someone from purchasing a template, making minor changes, and then try to sell it as their own. Projects built from a template…or at least a purchased template…have some internal flags that prevent you from submitting to them as a new template to the template store, or transfer them to another team folder that may or may not be your own folder.

Basically once you purchase a template, only you can use it. The side effect is that you are prevented from moving it between team folders, because that method could be used as a way to resell an app that was built from a purchased template.


Legend. Makes complete sense. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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