How to invite a user to "My Apps" team

Hi, community.

My client purchased a template from the store but she is facing some difficulty in modifying the template and she needs my help.

Since it is a template, she cannot transfer it to a new team. Is there any way I can get access to that app’s backend using my glide account?

It would be amazing if she could invite me to the team where the template is added. That option is unfortunately not available not sure why.


you cant share or copy templates from the template store… they have a lock… you can do that if you buy it from independent sources :wink:

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Thank you for your reply, @Uzo

Next time, will definitely buy from your template store ;).

Right now, can you think of any solution for me? How can I get access to my client’s work?
She has already completed 50% of the app otherwise we would have purchased that template again.

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Tell the user that bought the template to add you to the team.

i don’t have experience with Glide template store… so I cant help you with that

The problem is, she added the template to her “My apps team” which doesn’t have the option of inviting members.

if she trusts you, maybe you can get her google account password and open it on your computer…
I did not know that you cant invite to purchased templates… I know for sure, that you cant make it copyable

I don’t think that would be a comfortable option for both of us. She is a random client I met on Fiverr.

Hoping glide can come up with an easy solution.

And you can invite users to purchased templates, as long as they are in a newly created team. My client added that template to the default team.

if she is experienced a little, you might help her over the Zoom with shared browser

Thanks for your suggestions.

Actually, the work is big, and because of the time difference, we won’t be able to match our timings on a zoom call.

that’s sucks, maybe someone here has experience with that issue… I do not use Glide templates… I did once a long time ago, that’s how I know you can’t copy it

I’ve never purchased a template, so I don’t know the answer, but is she unable to transfer the template to a different team?

I do know that a user should be able to download a purchased template again as many times as they want. Is it possible that she could download it again, but into a team folder? It obviously wouldn’t have any of the changes she has already made, but may be a solution. Again, I’m not sure if you can download a purchased template into multiple team folders.

It maybe a scenario to run by Glide support.

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