Sharing a template


I have created an app in glide and would like to share my template with a friend so he can make changes to it and use it the way he wants.

I have not found any guide on how to do that.
Can someone please explain the steps I need to take to do that?

By the way - Do I need to publish my app? At the moment it is not published.

Thank you!

To give a friend access to a copy of an application:
Ask your friend to invite you as an admin to one of their teams, navigate to the team where you have your application (not the template folder), duplicate the application, move the application to your friends team, remove yourself as an admin of your friend’s team (either you do or they can do it).

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Thank you for the step by step explanation :slight_smile:

Unfortunately something does not work.

Just to test, I have created another Glide account for a different email I have and invited my original account as an admin (the one with the arrow is the original account where I have the app I want to share):

You can see I was added as an admin, but when I log into my original account, I do not see the team I was added to:

Any idea why?

Thank you!

A Glide account has teams (with a given pricing plan).
Each team contains folders.
Each folders contains apps (also known as projects).

When you click on the down arrow next to the name of a team you should see a dropdown list with all of your teams. There you should see a team called “Joined with …”.

CleanShot 2024-05-16 at 19.31.12

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That is what I see when I click the little arrow.

The problem was that I had these 2 Gmail accounts logged-in on the same Chrome browser and it made a mess.

Once I have realized that and handled it was able to follow your instructions and get the result I was looking for - being able to share my app with a friend.

Thank you very much!