Can't Move A Project Based On A Template

Hey everyone!

So over a year ago I bought a template for an app that I used as the baseline for an app I made (so basically I took the template I bought, copy it and created a new project).

Now it seems that I have to transfer this to a team in order for it to continue to synced and update, but I get a message that says that I have to buy this template again inside the team folder so that I can move the app I made using said template.

So that’s it? I’m forced to buy a template AGAIN in order to use an app I made?

If I’m wrong, can someone explain to me what can I do to transfer this app?


Can you give us a screenshot of the error that Glide is giving you?

Sure, thanks for responding.

@SantiagoPerez can you help me with this? I assume there’s a way to get the paid template to the right team?


Let’s submit a ticket so we can take a look at it, please!

Here’s the link to submit a ticket.