How do I duplicate an app, and transfer the property?


I’ve build an app 3 years ago and sold a copy of the template to a customer of mine, plus consulting fees (yearly). This template is located in a “team folder”, the property of the template and the billing is done directly to my customer. This customer is ok that I duplicate again the actual template (v2) and sell a copy of it to an another customer (same process, “new team”, etc.). Basically, it’s open sourced business model.
How do I have to proceed to duplicate and transfer the property of this new app ?
thanks for the help !

What is likely best is to have your client create a team for the app and invite you to that team, then transfer the app to that team. It gets a bit more complicated if you are using a datasource other than Glide Tables though.

tx for the answer!
The problem is that there is no “transfer to” option for the template … :-/

Hmmm. Did your app start its life as a template made by someone else before you customized it? If so, that might be blocking the ability to transfer it.

I don’t know for sure, but it might even be if you are on an older pricing plan than the current team plans. If so, try downgrading all apps in your folder to free, wait a minute, refresh your browser and you should then see the new pricing plans and should be able to transfer your app. If you are still stuck then reach out to service here.

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