Question regarding private users

Hey again,

so i got this app that i’ve build (Dart Tournament Finder) and it is a public app. I would like to have 3 user groups:

  • Public/Non registered
  • Public/Registered (to fav tournaments etc.)
  • and finally Pub-owners / Tournament organizers who can create new Tournaments to be viewed by the public and faved by registered users.

My question now is: Which groups will be classified as public / private users according to glides logic?

Thank you

It really depends on how you configure your privacy settings. Here is what I would recommend:

Firstly, set your Privacy to Public, with Optional Sign-in

  • Public/Non registered: these would be visitors to your site that never sign in, and don’t have a User Profile. There is no limit to the number of visitors.
  • Public/Registered: Anyone that signs into your App will have a User Profile, and by default will fall into this group. This group would be considered Public Users.
  • Pub-owners / Tournament organizers: give these folks a Role, and give them extra permissions based on the role. If you do that, these users will be considered Private Users.

You could potentially keep the 3rd group as Public by using a “pseudo-role”. I think the only downside of that is you wouldn’t be able to use their role as a row owner. But that might not be an issue.

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Hey Darren,

thanks for clarifying! Oh okay, that would turn pretty expensive pretty quickly if pub owners count as private users solely for the function to add a tournament. :frowning:

Thank you

Yes, well as I said, you could probably make those public users as well. It just depends on your requirements - mostly whether or not row owners are required.