Question about what is considered a private/public user

After reading the Users glide doc Users | Glide Docs ( and this post on the FAQ Glide Privacy Flowchart - FAQ - Glide Community ( I have a follow-up question.

So from my understanding, if I assign a user a role, they are considered a private user (even if it’s a public app). What if I do not use roles and instead have conditionally viewable pages? Yes I understand that is less secure, but I expect to have around 150-200 users to start and don’t want to pay for all those to be private users (especially since it will be a free app).

If this is the case my plan is to have roles for our internal team to edit users data but don’t use the roles for any of our 3rd party users. So if I just assign me and my co-workers as admins and then leave the role slot blank for everyone else, will everyone else be counted as a public user even if I block some pages by making them conditionally visible? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Your understanding is correct.

In practice, the primary reason to use Roles is so that they can be used as row owners to secure data and limit which rows are downloaded to individual users devices.

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Just out of curiosity, how accessible is that data? Its not like we have highly sensitive data (other than user info which I plan to protect) but I would prefer if our app only showed the info we want users to see.

It’s not easy to get at, but it’s there. So you should assume that somebody sufficiently skilled and motivated will find it.

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