Private vs Public Users: Is a row owner considered a role?

My plan only includes 3 private users. My app is public, but I have a column in my user table that makes certain people “row owners” Will glide count any user that is an owner as private user?

I need to know because this will affect how my app functions.

My hope is that users who log in to my public app can own rows without being counted as a private user.

Let me know what you all think.


Utilizing Row Owners does not make a user a private user, but if your app is set up as a private app, then all users will be considered private users. Also, if you are utilizing Roles, then any user with an assigned role will be considered a private user.

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Here’s the documentation on Roles.


How does a user get marked as private when the app is public and anyone can sign in?

Users with public access that are assigned a role will count against the quota of private users.

Yes, thank you. It looks like I actually solved the problem at the beginning of the month by unassigning roles, but the count is still against me until it resets.

One thing that would work is to delete all user data for a specific user. That should free up your private user limit.