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A bit of clarification - If you have two roles set (e.g. Admin/Primary) for say 50 users but you have 500 total users where the other 450 have no specific roles (and no entry in the roles column) and are just managed via sign-in; does this count as 50 private users and 450 public users?

The idea is there are about 5 admins and 45 ‘primary’ users who have limited admin authority to invite new users, view special reports, etc. Some screens would be only accessible to these 45 based on their role.

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Yes, that is correct. If you have two roles set for 50 users and 500 total users with no specific roles, then it would count as 50 private users and 450 public users. You can use the roles to control access to certain screens and features in your app.


The answer from the bot is correct.

If you’re only using Roles to control component/tab visibility and editing rights, do you actually need “real” roles?

The only reason to use Roles is if you need them as Row Owners for security. You can still have a “Role” column and use it to control the things you describe, but don’t bother configuring it as a role column in your User Profile setup unless you plan to use it as a Row Owner. Otherwise you’re wasting your private user quota.


The only case where all 500 users would be counted as private users, is if you have your entire app set to Private and have to whitelist users to access the app.

Other than that…what @Darren_Murphy said :point_up_2:


Boys - I am giving the solution and win to Chloe da Bot.

Thanks for the reminders. I use roles for row owners and occasionally for screen visibility since it is already set up that way.


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