Private Users Count

Hello Gliders,

I have a question regarding how Private Users are counted, right now all of the apps that I have developed are Public, I use restrict visibility once you sign in. However, my Private Users count is very high every month.

I have a “Role” column in my Users Table that I use only for visibility features, but I do not use this column in the User Profile.

Can someone help me reduce this count?

If I need to be more specific, please let me know.

Based on your description, you should have zero private users.

Can you show a screen shot of the Privacy Settings of one of your Apps?

This is how I define privacy for all of my projects.

Yes, there is your problem. You are restricting who can sign in to only Users in the Users table. As soon as you do this, then every signed in user will be counted as private.

If you want users counted as public, then you must allow anyone to sign in.


Thanks for making things clear Darren!

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