(solved) private users versus public users


Launched an app today. Settings on the project are like this: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FmmczCTX0AAofyA?format=jpg&name=medium

I disabled row owners as I thought that might have impacted the private user count.

Every new user added to app does count as a private user at the moment. And I don’t understand why exacly :frowning:

Because you are restricting who can sign in to only users in your users table, so every signed in user will count as private.

If you want all users to be public, you should change that to allow anyone to sign in.
If you do that, then users will only count as private if you assign them a role.

Row owners has no impact on user count, public or private.

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Thanks for the quick help. That makes sense although it wasn’t clear when I read the documentation.

Changed this now. All is well :slight_smile:

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