Row Onwer only available for Private User?

Hi, I come across this use case where I wish to assign Row Owner to my public user. I notice if I turn off “Role” in User Profile setting, to make all sign in user as public, I will not able to use Row Owner. Is this behaviour expected? I am not reading any Doc describe about this.

If you still have users being counted as public or private, then that indicates that you are on a legacy plan. New plans no longer differentiate between public and private users.

To answer your question…yes, using Role functionality and assigning a user a role does classify them as a private user in legacy plans.

Roles as row owners does require Role functionality to be enabled, but Emails as row owners does not. So removing roles does not remove the ability to use row owners, but it does remove the ability to use roles as row owners.


Thanks, Jeff for the fast response.

I am planning to upgrade to business plan soon, as I will need to support 5000 users. If I understand correctly, I can use role + row owner to group users for different access level when i move to business plan?

You can do that on any plan.

But if you’re expecting 5000 users on a Business Plan, I’d strongly recommend reaching out to Glide Sales before you upgrade. Because 5000 users on a Business Plan will cost you an absolute bomb.


Thanks a lot, @Darren_Murphy. Yup, will do. :slightly_smiling_face: