Row owners and Private accounts

If I use row owners to restrict the data that is download to only that data needed by the end-user then I need roles setup and there - this user is a ‘Private user’ - correct? And if all my users have their data restricted to only what they are supposed to have access to (e.g. roles is set for all users); therefore all my users are private - correct?

Looking forward to Chloe’s answer!!

Chloe is not 100% right, and really needs to provide more context depending on the use case. You can use emails for row owners without utilizing Role functionality and it will not force users to be Private.

A user is a private user in any of these three cases:

  • The app Privacy is set to Private.
  • Only whitelisted users are allowed to sign in. (Even on Public apps)
  • The user profile Role setting has been configured, and a user has been assigned a Role (anything other than blank)

That’s it. If a user falls into one of those three scenarios, then they are a Private user. Otherwise, they are a Public user.


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