Question about virtual adresses

This is the case:
I have a list with users with email-adresses. When the email-adress is known they get to view certain pages.
Everything goes right. For all people but one.
When he signs in with his known emailadress, Glide registrates him as a sign in with a virtual adress.
When I change his profile with another emailadress (his private adress) everything goes smooth.
But when he tries again with his work adress, Glide recognises him again with his virtual adress.
Any idea why this is and what is happening?
What can I do to let Glide register him with his work adress?

You probably need to delete all user data associated with that anonymised email address. You can do that via Settings->Data.

This is assuming that you now have the app configured to collect real email addresses.

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I havent changed anything. There is one persons account that behaves strange when using his work mailadress and not when using his private adress.
But I will try this!

Okay, so let me just take a step back and ask a couple of questions.

Firstly, is your app configured to collect real email addresses, or hide them?

Screen Shot 2022-07-04 at 10.27.30 PM

And secondly, how are email addresses added to your User Profiles table? Do you add them manually, or do you allow them to be added automatically the first time a user signs in?

All names and data (incl email-adresses) have been added by hand to the Google Sheet.
Yes, the app says Hide user emailadresses. That’s no problem because we dont collect emailadresses. We already know who we want to let in and who not.
The app has been functioning for weeks like this. With no problems whatsoever. Only for this one person.
When I login with my emailadress, Glide writes that email adress down in the login tab.
When he logs in, Glide notes a virtual adress.

Okay, so my best guess is that the email address that he enters is not an exact match for the one you have in your sheet, and so Glide treats him as a new user and assigns an anonymised email address. Check for things like capitalisation and trailing white space.

That’s what I assumed too, but I don’t think he enters the wrong email address 5 times :wink: but who knows if there was something wrong.
But deleting everything around the virtual address might do the trick!

Be sure to double-check your Google Sheet to ensure you don’t have a trailing space there… (it’s a common thing that happens with copy/paste)

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