Virtual email addresses after upgrade to pro

After upgrading to pro, existing users still have virtual email addresses, even after I remove them and have them sign in again.

I do have the setting to collect real email addresses.

How have other people worked around that?

Glide said it still has their virtual address on the “back-end”. They suggested I ask in the forum.

You may have to delete user data in addition to removing the user records in your tables.

That should delete any internal data for signed in users that glide has to track users.


I like that, but unfortunately, when the user resubscribes to the app (which had also been completely uninstalled), it still signs him up with the virtual email address he had formerly been assigned before I upgraded to pro.

I even copied the app to a new app and upgraded that to pro. It’s not forgetting the virtual email it already assigned to them.

did you check the option to collect real emails?

it works for me… i erased log in data and the users sheet

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I have that checked. I even uninstalled the app on the user’s phone and re-installed it.

As a follow-up, I found you have to delete all user data using both their real email address and the virtual email address. Or perhaps just the virtual, but I know just using the real email address did not work.

yep… that’s what I told you

No…actually that’s what @Jeff_Hager suggested and is marked as a solution…:wink:

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