Does not work correctly real and anonymous email matching under hood

some time ago glide switched the collection of real emails to anonymous ones. This concept is understandable, but…
There is a mapping problem under the hood (although according to the manual everything should work)…
The user logs in with an email in the list, but glide does not match it, but adds a new line with an anonymous address. As a result, the user in his profile sees a fake address instead of the real one.


It’s not hard to create another separate column for real email, but it seems to be a complication of the app, and I prefer Ockham’s Razor.

So the expectation is existing users should continue seeing the real email but it’s not the case, right?

Please submit a ticket.

It’s not even about what email the user sees in their application. The problem is that he does not see his data associated with the real email. It is expected that if there is a real email in the list of users and the user enters the application with the specified email, then a new line should not be added to the list of users, as a result of which the user does not see his data.

That sounds like a bug. Please submit a ticket using the link above.

I’m not so sure this is a bug.

I have a question for @Voffs : when the truthful-mask email appeared in your users sheet, was that the FIRST time the fury88830 user had signed in, or had they signed in previously?

If it was the first time, then I suspect that what you see is correct and expected behaviour.

Read the docs carefully. Although real and anonymised emails can co-exist, once you enable email anonymisation then anonymous emails will be generated for ALL new users. And if the fury8830 user had not signed in previously, then I believe they would be treated as a new user.

What I understood from his description is that fury88830 signed in previously with his real email, generated data, but then anonymization hits and when he signs in again, a new row is added instead of letting fury88830 access his old data.

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Yeah, if that’s the case then I’d agree that something isn’t right. But I’m not so sure that’s what actually happened - which is why I asked the question.

my actions step by step…
at first i created users table with their data and real emails
some part of users successfully logged in app and looked their data…
after that glide forcibly changed way to collect users email
hereupon real emails of remaining users are not associate with their rows under hood by logging in app

The documentation says that user anonymization is introduced in order to enable the developer to collect real user addresses only on a paid plan, so in all other cases, real emails are obfuscated. No money no honey. it’s undertandeble.
My logic is that if I ALREADY know the real emails and they are listed in the users table, the glide should match them, and not pretend that new users are entering the application.
At least the emails entered in the list of users BEFORE changing the method of collecting emails must be associated…

Perhaps. My feeling is that the behaviour you see is correct, but I might be wrong.
It’s probably worth submitting a support ticket just to get clarity.

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