Query on New Usage screen Beta

Hi there,
I am using Glide to make a simple non profit personal app for board game nights, however the new usage screen has worried me a little :confused: I appreciate that this is still in Beta, but what is my new current edit and row limit?

The documentation seems to imply that it is still 1000 edits per month and 500 rows, but this new screen shows 10,000 edits and the row count is not very clear what the limit is at all?

I am concerned that while this transition is going on I cannot use or access the previous usage tab, meaning that I do not know if I am now already over a limit of some sort and if my app will now loose data when the beta ends, or worse if I am then liable for any excess?

During this transition, as they sort out what updates will count (updates made in the desktop designer will not count), they are doing a “soft enforcement”, meaning that if you go over, nothing bad will happen. They are adjusting their side to do the counts differently, so I would not worry about it for now.

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