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Hello all!

I started using Glide last Fall, and then hadn’t used it much this year until just in the last month. When I got back into it I noticed I could not click the “Upgrade” button to see my edits and rows usage for the current app. Then I found the new Usage screen, but here is what I see:

First of all, I have a free plan, so no idea why I have 1,000,000 updates…but I like it. lol Secondly, this looks like an overall updates count, not split up for the two apps I have. Can someone explain what’s going on here and what the new limits are for the free plans?

You still have apps in an old Team/Organization folder. The 1,000,000 limit may or may not be an actual limit as I believe these old apps used to have unlimited usage. Maybe it is an actual limit, but that’s quite a stretch to get even close to that number. Those apps are still subject to old/legacy pricing. The new pricing structure, including all limits, only apply to new team folders. When Glide changed their pricing structure, they did not want to disrupt these old teams and kind of grandfathered them in. I’m not 100% sure, but you may not be able to upgrade those old apps under the old pricing??? You would have to create a new team and transfer the app, but it’s a one shot deal. No going back if you change your mind. I guess it’s a matter of balancing the features you want. Old pricing per app, or new pricing which may be cheaper in the long run for multiple apps at once.

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Hmm…interesting. I know when I used it last Fall I definitely had a usage limit, believe it was 500/month. I don’t know what the benefits are of upgrading to the new structure, but I only have plans to stay on the free plan for now, and if it looks like I have a 1,000,000 limit…I would love to keep it that way. haha I guess I’ll just keep rolling with what I have, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something and hit a limit that I couldn’t see.

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I would. If it’s working for you now, then go with it. I imagine that will change someday, but I have no idea if or when.

It was 500 rows for usage, for updates I think it was 1000.

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