QR vCard + location picker + time picker + PDF emailing

easy create QR vCard…(scan QR code to set up your phone contact)… choose time using buttons… auto correct address entry… email a PDF business card with QR code


set up business operating hours


You can adjust business open hours and App will check if it is open now

App will create and email you a PDF QR vCard… just click on QR code

vCARD flag

let me know if you find any bugs


Hi @Uzo well done for this app.
Did you use zappier to create a .pdf?

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No, just Google scripts


Thank you

I only tested QR vCard on android Galaxy… please let me know how it performs on other phones?
just point camera on that code and it should ask to add info to contacts… together with note containing operating hours

check out my other App… Code BOOK


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now you can set up Alarm :wink:

alarm pict

Just added the most advanced email button in Glide… it checks if the email is valid, extracts a proper name from the email, prevents action if the email is not valid… sends a customized email to the recipient, automated responses for newly added forms.


auto amail 1 Screen Shot 2021-08-15 at 6.17.01 PM

template available for sale: $69.99


Thank you… when the form is submitted, it triggers the script to send an email, the script recognizes if the email is a valid one, and the form timestamp is new.
If any fields in the form are left empty, it will fill up with preset values.
You can checkmark if the header line should be created from a recipient email or the body of email.

the NEW Time & Duration Picker

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